Novotel Imagica Khopoli - Family & Business trip hotel - Khopoli Resort - Best Hotel in Khopoli with 5 Star Facilities | Luxurious Stay , Convenient Location & Fun Activities

Khopoli Resort - Best Hotel in Khopoli with 5 Star Facilities | Luxurious Stay , Convenient Location & Fun Activities

Are you planning a trip to Imagica with your family and friends? We know, you’re thinking of making this a stress-free trip without the hassle of driving back the same day. To ensure you have a perfect trip filled with fun and frolic we offer you the perfect stay next to Imagica at our Khopoli Resort. Novotel Imagica is a Hotel  with 5 star facilities situated in Khopoli near Imagica park that combines luxury with fun.

Imagica is one of the most popular family attractions around Mumbai, Pune and Lonavla, amongst the lush green mountains away from the glimmering lights and concrete jungles of the city.

The gold standards of hospitality set by Novotel meets the enthusiasm and energy of the theme park. The aim of this luxurious stay is to make sure that the vibe of theme park stays alive even when you leave the aegis of the park.

Perfect for MICE and magical weddings:

Be it a business meeting to woo those clients with an eccentric venue or a romantic getaway to spend time with your special one, Novotel Imagica creates a personalized experience to satisfy all your needs. At Novotel Imagica you can even make your dream destination wedding happen.


Transform your kid’s fairy tale dreams into reality with our services:

The hotel has play areas all around that keeps your kids and loved ones engaged in board games, puzzles and video games.

On your very arrival you would become a part of the excitement and thrill that surrounds the park through various activities and entertainment. Our proud mascot Tubby along with his army of characters will greet you on your arrival.

This is a perfect opportunity to get a few selfies or some autographs from your newly made friends. Worried you might miss them? Relax, they’ll be there greeting you every morning for our exclusive breakfast & a character wake up call.

We ensure that your enthusiasm and energy levels remain high and augment to a whole new level.


Themed birthdays- Make Stories Come Alive:

Imagine your kids blowing off the birthday candles surrounded by their favorite characters, limitless fun, food and entertainment. We customize your kids’ birthday party and make their fairy tale come alive with our themed birthday parties.

Our fine dining options expose you to a wide range of international cuisines as well as authentic Indian flavors with an innovative twist.


The Square:

The Square at Novotel Imagica is a rendezvous point for friends and family to get together and enjoy the appetising food. It is set in a bright airy space on the ground floor, you can watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen.


Tubbby’s Bistro:

The Tubbby’s Bistro is located at the Lobby Level. Be spoilt for choice with Tubbby’s selection of delectable chocolates, cookies, sumptuous cakes and sandwiches.


Nitro Bar:

When all your adventures leave you thirsty, join us at Nitro Bar. Located off the elegant lobby at Novotel Imagica Khopoli, it is a stylish, intimate space that’s just right for a quick coffee or beverages.


Enjoy refreshments without ever having to leave your sunlounger in the Zen-inducing atmosphere of the hotel’s outdoor pool area. Our poolside bar, Flotz, keeps the cocktails flowing all day long.

Novotel Imagica upholds highest level of luxury for its guests by offering them spacious rooms, free WiFi connectivity among others to make it a perfect leisure station.  


To take care of this, we have a dedicated staff ready to help you with anything and everything throughout your stay. We offer a personalized experience that lets you just sit back and relax.


Be it blowing off steam in summers or enjoying the monsoons, Novotel Imagica continues to serve you all through the year and makes sure that you get your perfect vacation just when you need it.


Novotel Imagica offers you a plethora of services :

  • Best package price guarantee so that your experience is worth it
  • Imagica Theme & Water Park tickets because we don’t want you to spend your holiday waiting in a queue
  • Complimentary breakfast to get you rejuvenated for the day
  • Selection of restaurants & bar because variety never hurts anyone
  • Free Wi-Fi so you can share your fun moments with the world
  • Access to pool & gym for those health-enthusiasts
  • Access to kids’ play area because there is no such thing as too much fun
Novotel Imagica Khopoli

30/31, Sangdewadi, off Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, Khopoli- Pali Road, Khalapur, 410203 Maharashtra
Tel: +91 2192 712666/2192 272666
Fax: +91 2192 712689
Email: H9832-RE@ACCOR.COM


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  • khopoli-resort-best-hotel-in-khopoli-with-5-star-facilities-luxurious-stay-convenient-location-fun-activities
  • khopoli-resort-best-hotel-in-khopoli-with-5-star-facilities-luxurious-stay-convenient-location-fun-activities
  • khopoli-resort-best-hotel-in-khopoli-with-5-star-facilities-luxurious-stay-convenient-location-fun-activities
  • khopoli-resort-best-hotel-in-khopoli-with-5-star-facilities-luxurious-stay-convenient-location-fun-activities
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