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Demystifying Top Trekking Places Near Mumbai and Pune

Monsoon in Maharashtra is not always about water logging, floods and traffic jams. Places near Mumbai have some of the breathtaking landscapes bearing marvelous green hills, lush forests, and glinting waterfalls making the best experience for trekking Maharashtra Mumbai. So, let’s start planning, get ready for the amazing trek near Mumbai and Pune this monsoon, as the weather plays the host and helps you witness the most majestic sites:

  • Vasota Trek:s

Tall amidst the dense evergreen forest will mesmerize with its beauty. Each contour of the Vasota hills enhances its comeliness many times over. A trek to its dense forest is the thrilling experience. Vasota Trek is amongst the most popular and exciting jungle treks in Maharashtra Mumbai.

Fact File:

Distance from Mumbai: 280 KM

Distance from Pune: 265 KM

Trekking Duration: 1 Day

Difficulty Level: Hard Trekking

  • Kalsubai Peak Trek:

The peak of Kalsubai in Naga district is the highest peak in the mountain range of Sahyadris. Kalsubai is a dream of every trekker to climb at least once. And it is one of the coolest spots for monsoon treks near Mumbai.

Fact File:

Distance from Mumbai: 155 KM

Distance from Pune: 176 KM

Difficulty Level: Medium to Moderate Trekking

Trekking Duration: 1 Day

  • Sudhagad Fort Trek:

Sudhagad is a popular hills spot & trekking destination near Mumbai and Pune with lake laid on both ways. The trekking to spot is simply breathtaking. On the voluminous plateau at the summit, there are two lakes, a house, an immensely colossal granary, some tombs, a shrine (Vrindavan) and numerous other ruins, scattered around the fort area. There are three main gates the most astronomically immense of which is called the Maha Darwaja.

Fact File:

Distance from Mumbai: 110 KM

Distance from Pune: 130 KM

Difficulty Level: Easy Trekking

Trekking Duration: 1 Day

  • Mahuli Fort Trek:

The creator of this fort is unknown. The Meh Sahyadris lies on the eastern side of Shahpur, while Mahuli Fort is situated on solitary hills on its western phase. This makes us include this as one of the most majestic spots from trekking near Mumbai and Pune.

Fact File:

Distance from Mumbai: 92 KM

Distance from Pune: 191 KM

Difficulty Level: Easy Trekking

Duration: 1 Day

  • Harishchandragad Fort:

Harischandragad Fort is also known as Trekkers’ Paradise. Rock climbing and valley crossing can be done simultaneously in one trek itself. It is also famous as the best fort for camping and alike activities in Maharashtra. There are nearing nine caves in total including two big caves at Harishchandragad. This place makes itself a perfect trekking spot near Mumbai.

Fact File:

Distance from Mumbai: 225 KM

Distance from Pune: 165 KM

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult Trekking

Trekking Duration: 2 Days

  • Visapur Fort Trek:

Among the numerous spots to visit in Lonavala, Visapur Fort is a twin of the Lohgad Fort. It is situated higher than Lohgad at a height of 3,556ft and much more sizably voluminous than its twin. Visapur Fort conceals within its campus the Bhaje Caves and alluring water apertures.

The captivating perspective and the surreal feel on the summit definitely need your visit. Besides the resplendent view from the summit, ambulating on the trail gushing with crystal clear water during monsoon gives trekker a richer experience.

One of the all-around looked after strongholds; the spot is additionally known to be dens for buffalo and wild hogs making it a secondary backdoor option for trekking near Pune.

Fact File:

Distance from Mumbai: 105 KM

Distance from Pune: 65 KM

Trekking Difficulty Level: Medium

Trekking Duration: 1 Day

  • Ratangad Fort Trek:

Looking for an adventurous trekking spot near Mumbai? Ratangad is a place for you. Ratangad has a natural stone top with a pit in it at the top which is called ‘Nedhe’ or ‘Opening of the Needle’. The post has four doors Ganesh, Hanuman, Konkan, and Trimbak. The figures of Lord Ganesh and Hanuman are seen on the principle entryway. Ratanvadi is the approach by the boat, it is a 6 KM journey and further 4 KM walk till Ratanvadi.

Fact File:

Distance from Mumbai: 185 KM

Distance from Pune: 205 KM

Difficulty Level: Medium Trekking

Trekking Duration: 1 Day

  • Helping Tips:

The roads and the treks leading to the mountains are quite slippery during monsoon season, so be careful while adventuring on the treks here in India.

  • Transportation Facilities:

There are numerous public conveyances available here like locals, buses, metros and AC locals. You may visually perceive the pros and cons of all of these, let’s commence with the best buses. They have a broad system profound into the city. A few spots are just secured by private buses transports not locals.

If we verbalize about the metro trains this is the only functioning route as of now connecting Ghatkopar to Versova 1 metro every 4 minutes of office hours and a metro every 8 minutes in non-official hours. 8 more metro routes shall be consummated from 2019 to 2025.

More than eight million people utilize these local trains daily. The AC local trains were commenced in 2017. These are comfortable and safer than mundane locals. Some people got erroneous tickets too on some occasions due to lack of cognizance and info.

It is hoped that we shall visually perceive better days for commuters in Mumbai. Maybe some more options than these consummating the paramount criteria for Safety, Economy and Comfort.

  • Looking for a resort near Mumbai & Pune?

Boasting some of the best tourist attractions in the world for travelers to appreciate, including couples probing for a romantic getaway, Mumbai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Novotel Imagica Resort is situated in the center of a natural wonderland just a short drive from Mumbai & Pune. Our mountain getaway is located just steps from world-class hiking trails suitable for adventurers of every age. Hike out to find natural forests and lakes that are of magnificent emerald green color. Experience the clearest, cleanest waters you’ll ever see! Stop to admire the plentiful wildlife, bears, elk, and deer and explore all the wonders of the magnificent Imagica Theme Park.

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  • demystifying-top-trekking-places-near-mumbai-and-pune
  • demystifying-top-trekking-places-near-mumbai-and-pune
  • demystifying-top-trekking-places-near-mumbai-and-pune
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