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Keep calm and think about weekend getaways from Mumbai

Life in India’s most immensely colossal metropolitan, Mumbai, is electrifying, exhilarating and ever dynamic.  Being encompassed by the breathtaking Western Ghats, there are various ends of the week escapes from Mumbai with unbelievable picturesque excellence where you can get some harmony and calm away from the goading groups and mayhem of the metros.

  • Murud Janjira:

Over the shoreline of a modest town called Murud in Raigad region of Maharashtra, the grand Murud-Janjira Fort stands tall in a little island. The ginormous dividers of the fortification hold various legends and memories of the past.

The most popular legend of this marine stronghold is that it would never be vanquished in any fight on account of its one of a kind and savvy engineering. It is an astounding weekend getaway for the people in Mumbai due to its accessibility, picturesque locations, and historic consequentiality.

  • The Machan, Lonavala:

The Machan, located two and a moiety hours away from Mumbai, s an eco-resort that offers a scope of interesting tree-houses arranged up to 40 feet over the backwoods shade, taking into account incredible perspectives and cool climate. The repasts are home-made and plausibly priced and have numerous alternatives for veggie lovers.

  •   Dana Pani Beach:

Dana Paani is situated close Malad if that you pass by street or you can pass by ship from Versova. It isn’t excessively packed and is near the city. You can basically unwind and relax on the seashore; attempt some road nourishment like prawns, Maggie, vada pav and so on. Don’t miss the sunset there because that is the best thing at Madh Island.

  • Lavasa:

The first organized city in India, in the midst of the Shayadari Mountains among Pune and Mumbai, Lavasa is an astounding weekend getaway destination, the flawless spot to have a noteworthy excursion along with your adored ones.

Set on the shores of Warasgaon Lake, Lavasa gloats of the quiet, beguiling condition and charming scenes. Lavasa is well known for offering a few fascinating chances to its vacationer guests. You can participate in water sports like breakwater skis extravagance journey pontoons, guard vessels and so on, climbing, trekking, hiking and so on during your visit to Lavasa you can enjoy various exercises and relish lavish multi-cooking nourishment.

  • Vasind:

Situated on the banks of the Bhatsa River, Vasind is encompassed by verdant slopes. The Mahuli Fort stands tall in Vasind at a tallness of 2,815 feet. With caverns and rock arrangements, it’s frequented by the two trekkers and rock climbers who are anxious to investigate this rough territory. Visitors to Vasind can relish several picnic spots around the river can likewise go through a night at the campground set up nearby.

  •  Igatpuri:

Mountains, cascades, and fortifications are synonymous with Igatpuri. Encompassed by the Western Ghats, the rich green woodland spread makes it all the more dazzling. Besides venerating its natural resplendency, magnetizations in Igatpuri are plenty and include the Tringalwadi Fort, which houses a sanctuary devoted to Lord Hanuman, Ghatandevi Temple committed to the defender of the ghats and Vaitarna Dam, which offers spectacular views of the circumventing landscape. There are some plausible budget and mid-range hotels to cull from at Igatpuri.

  • Hospet:

Hospet or Hosapete is a little city on the northern side of Karnataka in India. It is situated in the Bellari region over the Tungabhadra River. Tourists who come to visit Hampi, peregrinate through this diligent city as it provides the convey base to Hampi.

This spot has numerous attractions, yet the noteworthy one is the Tungabhadra Dam. The dam likewise has as a mind-blowing garden with lights and sounds. Hospet can be effectively open via aviation routes, roadways, and railroads.

  • Diu:

Situated on a little island connected by an extension to Gujarat’s southern coast, it hushes up, spotless, brimming with Portuguese history and free of tourist-traps. Life on this diminutive, lethargic town commences at around 5am, and by 9pm, roads are generally left.

To explore Diu, you can lease a bike for a little expense and move around at your own pace. Nights can be spent walking around on the one of a kind Gomtimata Beach, and afterward in the bylanes of Diu sampling the delectable seafood.

  • Panchgani:

Somewhat farther than the other ends of the weekend getaways from Mumbai, Panchgani is around 240 km away from the city. If you are eager to compromise on your sleep, so head out for Panchgani on a Friday morning, you will love it.

Panchgani is known for stunning its perspectives, entrancing nightfall, and lavish backwoods. Downpour is erratic in the locale and you’ll be honored with downpour drenched strolling ways and beautiful nurseries. Kaas Plateau is one of the essential reasons why Panchgani is Mumbai’s most well-known getaways.

  •  About Transportation:

After spending some time in Mumbai you would learn how to efficaciously navigate the city utilizing several forms of conveyance. Some are facile (auto-rickshaw/cab) and some require guidance and practice (train/public bus).

Mumbai conveyance is crowded so eschew public convey during peak hours. Most people work in south Mumbai so surmise in the morning peregrinating south is slow, and in the evening peregrinating north is slow. Do your exploration of what you need to do and take a stab at remaining close to that territory (most visitors select south Mumbai).

Bottom Line:

Regardless of what your spending limit is, who you are going with or what your motivation for visiting a place is, you need a spot to live. After a long week, all you require is to be cosseted. That’s why Novotel Imagica Khopoli, The best weekend getaway near mumbai AKA Theme park Resort near mumbai, will make you forget about all your worries and de-stress amidst tranquil atmospheres and thoughtfully designed interiors. Let the expert staff deal with your every need so you don’t have anything to consider other than unwinding and relaxing. This luxurious lodging embodies urban greatness and complexity with particular benchmarks of greatness in cordiality. A coalescence of peerless care and impeccable accommodation sets the tone for a memorable stay.

Novotel Imagica Khopoli

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  • keep-calm-and-think-about-weekend-getaways-from-mumbai
  • keep-calm-and-think-about-weekend-getaways-from-mumbai
  • keep-calm-and-think-about-weekend-getaways-from-mumbai
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