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Need a Quick Break from Your Daily Routine? We Have Just the Place for You.

Some of the most successful people in the world sware by routine as it is known to increase your productivity. Although routine is hallmark it is essential that you incorporate regular breaks from daily life. A proven fact is that a break can improve your creativity as well as your productivity when you get back to work.

In today’s world everyone is so busy working that they do not spend enough time to stop and smell the roses or actually enjoy the life that they have. They don’t realise that not taking a break can actually reduce their effectiveness. If you are someone who needs a bit more convincing to take a break, as if anyone really needs to be convinced, here are six benefits of taking a break from your daily routine

  • If you have a high pressure routine then you are bound to get stressed at some point of time. Regular breaks help you reduce stress that could be toxic to your health.
  • Everything you do in the day needs your concentration and focus, however the longer you work the more you deplete the resources of your brain. A break allows you to switch off your brain for a little while and reboot it for a better performance.
  • You may have heard the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” well it is proven that continuous work can drastically reduce a persons memory. A short break even just a weekend can help you remain alert and sharpen your memory.
  • Nothing in this world feels better than a vacation, though chocolate may come a close second. It helps you relax, relieves stress, but most of all every time you explore the place your in you take a step closer to your fitness goals. You will feel mentally recharges as well as physically fit.
  • If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk then back pain is probably a common occurrence. When you take a break you let yourself stretch your limbs and unwind the taut muscles thus reducing the probability of chronic pains.

Convinced yet? If you are then we have just the place for you. Novotel Imagica located less than 100 km from Pune is the perfect place for a short break away from your daily routine. Whether its a weekday or a weekend you can come anytime and leave relaxed and rejuvenated. With world-class amenities and wellness facilities can give you that much needed break from reality.

What’s more?

It is an ideal place for a family vacation with the special kiddie corners that hosts a myriad of supervised games and activities that will keep your little ones busy while you enjoy a relaxing poolside meal or a leisurely stroll along the surrounding. With activities such as archery and Zorbing it has something for every age group and one of the prefered weekend getaways near Pune.

Whether its your work routine or if you just want a few days away from city life come over to Novotel Imagica and let us be your slice of heaven.

Novotel Imagica Khopoli

30/31, Sangdewadi, off Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, Khopoli- Pali Road, Khalapur, 410203 Maharashtra
Tel: +91 2192 712666/2192 272666
Fax: +91 2192 712689
Email: H9832-RE@ACCOR.COM


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