Novotel Imagica Khopoli - Family & Business trip hotel - Top 10 Rides to Experience at Imagica! | Khopoli (Best Rides to Try)

Top 10 Rides to Experience at Imagica! | Khopoli (Best Rides to Try)

Are you an adventure junkie? Or Someone who likes to just sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride? Or are you someone who likes to experience G force like none other? Or one of those who likes rising and falling with waves?  Worry not,Imagica has something to offer to everyone. Following are the top 10 Best rides you must try at Imagica , Khopoli :

1. Boomeranggo :
Can’t decide whether you like being catapulted into the air or being dropped down from high altitude? We offer a unique solution of incorporating both in a single ride. Boomeranggo offers the unique sensations of dropping down as well as rising higher! Riders shoot up the wall and pause, only to fall back to experience a shot of weightlessness.

2. Floatsa :
Floatsa is for those who like the go with the flow! Get into our custom tension-free zone and experience a unique way to just go with the flow by hanging your hat and keeping your feet up! Just get into a tube, gently float down the ‘Lazy River’ and switch on your snooze mode.

3. Loopy Woopy :
This is for the adrenaline junkies, the cartwheel fanatics. Experience a 39-foot vertical drop which turns into a complete 360 degree loop. This ride leaves the riders as well as the spectators awestruck.

4. Raftaastic :
A family Raft ride which serves people of all ages. The ride combines raftaar with the treacherous curves and steep drops.


HUNGRY after all those rides at Imagica? Stop by The Square at Novotel Imagica for delicious and appetizing food covering a wide variety of cuisines. The Square will get you charged with all the ration you need for your exploits at Imagica


No water park exists without the important element of “Splash”. This ride lets you experience splash in a completely different way by offering one-of-a-kind open body waterslide filled with bumps and turns.

6. Swirl Whirl:
This ride offers you and your friends the thrilling experience of series of twists and turns, and then drops you into the belly of a funnel where you share 4 to 5 almost-vertical oscillations before exiting the flume into the final plunge.

7. Twisty-turvy:
The gravity-defying coaster with drops that’ll make your hair-rise and breath-taking curves. It launches riders uphill on water jets, setting them into the ‘Super Bowl’ with centrifugal forces keeping them high on the wall for multiple turns, and finally ending through an enclosed flume into a splashdown pool.

8. Wacky waves:
A must have for a water park. Wacky waves provides the perfect sea waves experience. With new waves being generated every minute, surf with your imaginary boards and dunk your friends in the water like never before.


HAD A LONG DAY after all those rides? It’s time to lay down and get a soothing massage. Yes, you’ve earned it!
Novotel pampers you with it’s hospitality and transports you to a place we call Relax-istan!


9. Yell-O:
This ride literally makes you yell in Joy as you slide through a specially designed series of twists and turns going at super-fast speeds.

10. Zip Zap zoom:
Ready..get-set..zoom! For those racing fanatics, comes a high-speed mat racer that jets you through enclosed looping Aqua Tubes that serpentine alongside each other, this course transitions into a traditional side-by-side multi-lane design.

Fun Tip: The excitement of the ride doubles when you challenge a friend to race down together.

Novotel Imagica: Last but not the least, Novotel Imagica is a ride of the rides. It is a cusp of convenience, beauty, and fun. Perfectly located, this ride spoils you with facilities that keep you upbeat and get you ready for the perfect Imagica experience.


Why Novotel Imagica? :

An aberration from the traditional hotels at urban cities comes the all new Novotel Imagica. To ensure you don’t miss Novotel Imagica on your weekend getaways, comes India’s first theme park hotel located right next to Adlabs Imagica. Novotel Imagica offers you the perfect stay amidst lush green mountain, pampering you with it’s premium services.

But am I getting a good deal? :

Novotel Imagica isn’t just close to Imagica geographically but it also resonates with the very essence of Imagica . We ensure that the fun element doesn’t die when you leave the park but meets comfort when you enter our premises. Novotel Imagica pampers you with its myriad services like:

  • Well designed rooms
  • All day dining options
  • A swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • A shuttle service and easy access to both parks
  • A special VIP package
Novotel Imagica Khopoli

30/31, Sangdewadi, off Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, Khopoli- Pali Road, Khalapur, 410203 Maharashtra
Tel: +91 2192 712666/2192 272666
Fax: +91 2192 712689
Email: H9832-RE@ACCOR.COM


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  • top-10-rides-to-experience-at-imagica-khopoli-best-rides-to-try
  • top-10-rides-to-experience-at-imagica-khopoli-best-rides-to-try
  • top-10-rides-to-experience-at-imagica-khopoli-best-rides-to-try
  • top-10-rides-to-experience-at-imagica-khopoli-best-rides-to-try
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